Create your questionnaires with Examinare's Questionnaire Software in a simple but powerful way.

You can find all the question types you need to make a perfect survey inside Examinare Questionnaire Software. We have taken all the technical complexity out of the questionnaire creation process, so that you can focus on the user experience. Simple, well designed questionnaires generate better response rates.

Example Survey:
Computer version (Smartphone/Tablet/Desktop) Mobile Phone version (Wap/2G/3G)

Questionnaire Contents

Multiple choice question (1 correct answer allowed)

Used in almost all questionnaires. You can combine it with a text field so that you can readily receive more information.

Typical Usage Examples:

– Gender
– Age indications
– Yes or No Questions
and more....

Multiple choice question (no answer or several correct answers allowed)

Used in most questionnaires where you want the recipient to answer with more than one option. Examinare also records if the user does not fill in anything, and you can also make this question type mandatory.

Typical Usage Examples:

– Service questions
– Usage questions
– Option picking
and many more.

Free text question (1 correct answer is typed in)

Used when you want the recipient to answer by typing in text. A more advanced version of this question type is the “Free text question (Multiple answers)”.

Typical Usage Examples:

– Write your name
– Tell us what you think
– Why would you not like…
and many more.

Osgood Scale (scale with counter parts)

The Osgood Scale is commonly used in questionnaires around branding and feel. The basic idea is to put different feelings against each other. Scale steps can be regulated between 2 and 7 points.

Typical Usage Examples:

– Hot Vs. Cold
– Bright Vs. Dull
– Smart Vs. Stupid
and many more.

Gradient scale

Used for many questionnaires concerning service where the recipient is to grade different departments' service level, for example Support or Billing. One gradient scale can lower the usage of multiple questions and can also make your questionnaire more advanced for the most recipients and in that case lower time taken to complete the questionnaire.

Typical Usage Examples:

– How would you grade our departments : Support, Billing, Technical Support, Sales Department
– Considering the following factors, please can you grade our Prices, Support, Time to Solution, Friendliness
and many more.


This isn't really a Question Type, but it's used to put in a more in detailed explanation of the following steps and can be used in any part of your questionnaire.

Explain for instance:

– Next steps
– How to think when grading Osgood or Gradient scale questions
– Can hold general information
and much more.

Free text question (Multiple correct answers are typed in)

The Free Text question (Multiple Answers are typed in) is a more advanced version of the original Free Text question. All fields can be made compulsory or optional and helps when getting information from a recipients.

Typical Usage Examples:

– Enter your: Name, Address, Postal Code, Zip-code and Country.
– Enter your serial number and product you are using from us to file a support request.
– Check and correct your following details
and much more.


Reach your target audience using multiple modes of communication, including mobile / tablet devices, websites or even standard phone lines. Depending on the requirements of the target audience and your business objectives, the questionnaires you send can be public or private.

Public questionnaires.

By using our public questionnaire functionality, you can share your questionnaires through a link on your website or, for example, send it via your monthly newsletter. All answers gathered in a public questionnaires will be completely anonymous.

Private questionnaires.

By using Examinare's private questionnaire functionality, you can send out personal e-mails or mobile phone invites to your respondents. Every invite will contain a personal link and the Examinare Questionnaire Software makes sure that no recipient answers twice. All answers from a private questionnaire can be traced to the recipients answering the questionnaire, but can also be made completely anonymous in the final reports.

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