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Examinare is not only a powerful Questionnaire Software Suite deployed the Internet. We also provide a Phone Questionnaire service which you can easily add to your Examinare account. Our Phone Questionnaire connection can call any phone number in the world at competitive pricing. We do not have any limitations on how many respondents can be called.

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You can easily get a demonstration of a Phone Survey. Please call +46 18 800 80 20


Works with any phone provider or PABX system.

If you have a switchboard we know how to set up everything for you, if you do not, then no need to worry – we can make it work for you anyway. All you need to do is contact us, tell us what kind of phone solution you have and we will help you get it up and running.

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We handle large amount of calls every day.

With the Examinare Cloud Phone Service we handle all your calls and make sure that you never run out of phone lines. We have handled volumes up to 5,000 calls / minute and that is not even close to our limit.

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All languages are catered for with Phone Surveys.

Our system can use any language. Since our Phone Survey system uses sound files, that you record or upload – only your imagination can stop you.

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Phone Surveys are reported exactly like any other Questionnaires.

Our Phone Survey solution reports all call outcomes to your questionnaire results in Examinare. This way we make sure that you never need to have two systems for covering your needs.

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Demonstration of a Phone Survey.

To get an idea of how the Phone Survey works for your customers, please call our number:

+46 18 800 80 20

Our Phone Survey demonstration will answer your call and ask you a few questions.


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If you have an Examinare account already, then you need to add the Phone Survey extension. Please contact us for more details, and we can easily do this for you.

If you do not have Examinare Questionnaire account, then order it directly from our Prices page and contact us by email, phone, chat and we will help you to get started with Phone Surveys.