Translate your survey into another language.

Examinare Survey Tool provides you with ability to create various language versions of the same survey. To start with translation of your survey click the “Translate” button in the left hand menu.

You have two versions of implementing the task available. Carefully choose the appropriate one for you.

Create a new language version inside the same survey.

If you want to provide your respondents with the ability to choose which language version of your survey to participate in, then select this option. Your respondents will see the language selector with all the available language versions of the survey.

To create a language version, first select the destination language of you translation:

Enter the translations of questions, and answering options into the appropriate fields. Below every question, you will see “Save” button.

Click it each time you complete the translation of a single question.

After you click the “Save” button under the question, it becomes green, which means that its translation of the chosen language is saved in Examinare system.

If you want to remove current language version, just click the “Remove” button in the upper right corner of the page. Keep in mind that this action cannot be undone!

Enter the translations, and save them for all the questions of your survey in order to complete the new language version.

Note that if you make any changes to the text of original question, you should also change its language version; otherwise the translation of a question may not work properly.

Create a separate language version of your survey file

If you don’t want to add a language switcher to your survey and instead wish to create the separate language version of it, then choose ""Translation console"".

In here, choose the language you are translating the survey to, and fill in the appropriate translation fields. At the bottom of the page, click the button “Save to translation file”. It creates “.examinare” file, which can be imported in Surveys section of Examinare system, and then edited in the usual way.

If you need to translate the previously saved “.examinare” file into another language, visit the import section of Translation Console at . Upload your “.examinare” file and you’ll be able translate and work with it as previously described.