Create a SMS-IN Connector

Navigate to “Settings”->”SMS-in Connectors” and click on the green button called “Create new”. Here you have to enter a phrase that you want the system to reserve for your Magic Poll or Survey, and click the button labelled “Search”.

You will now be presented with the phone numbers that are activated and able to use your SMS-in phrase. If the phrase you enter is not available then please search again or contact Examinare Sales Team about ordering your own dedicated SMS-in Number.

When you have found the combination you want to use click on the “+” sign to add it to your list.

You will now be shown the SMS-in phrases available in your account by navigating to “Settings”->SMS-in Connectors. To connect the SMS-in phrase click on Connect and then choose if you want to include a Survey or a Magic Poll.

Choose the name of the Survey / Magic Poll and if you are choosing to connect a Survey then you can add a phrase that will be sent with the link back to the respondent.

To use SMS-in for Surveys you will need to order SMS-credits from Examinare. Access your account in our Customer Zone for more information.