Magic Polls, create, vote and get reports.

Magic Polls™ is Examinares function for simplify website voting, twitter voting and sms voting.

Magic Polls™ is a technology developed by Examinare, which lets you to create polls with help of voting via internet or by mobile text.

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Within 2 minutes you can be setup to capture votes with mobile text.

Magic Polls™ by SMS is implemented by you entering your poll question and as soon as you click the button, any cellular phone in the world can send an answer back by SMS.

You will directly get SMS shortcode, that every recipient enters before their answer in the SMS message and Examinare will sort it into your Poll. All within 2 minutes from you start.

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Capture votes on your own website.

As soon as you added your question in Examinare Magic Polls™, you are ready to get it live on your website. Just take the HTML-code and copy-paste it into your website. Magic Polls™ will update the content of the HTML-form when you do any adjustments inside Examinare.

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Voting by Twitter is available.

All Magic Polls™ are connected to Twitter. With a simple tweet your users can get their vote counted. (Your user must authorize your account with Twitter). Voting by Twitter is free, does not cost anything and can be used in class rooms and in conferences.

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